Making bread has always been the bane of my baking skills. I tried it twice before to little success. So after my previous attempt at the yeasted coffee cake, I became more confident and so decided to try the talked about no knead bread recipe.

Sounded simple enough. Just mix the ingredients together and stick it in the refrigerator overnight or for up to 4 days and use as you like. The links are from Tartelette and Steamy Kitchen. I was pretty satisfied with how all the bread came out and will definitely make it again. Only because my instant yeast packets are about the expire soon.

The dough came together well enough and really did double in size after one night of rising. It was a bit sticky but with just a little bit of flouring and shaping it was easy and soft and supple to work with.

I made these little brioche type mini buns in the morning with four different fillings in each.

From left to right; cinnamon, chocolate spread, chocolate chips, hazelnut honey spread.

They were all quite lovely though perhaps a bit too plain on its own. I think it would have gone well with more butter slathered on top and toasted too.

Then we've got an improvised version of the seductively guilty and fattening cinnamon rolls slathered with caramel pecan sauce and filled with buttery caramel goodness. Mine is a more chocolatey or Nutella and coconut version and without the sauce at the base. I wasn't able to photograph the steps along the way as I went about making it as my hands were sticky and floury as I rolled, spread, and arranged the cut out rolls in the jelly pan.

I shaped the dough into as much the same way as how a cinnamon roll would be formed. It was a bit sticky and fussy to get the dough the proper length and width as I wanted but I managed to in the end after a bit of wrestling. After about half an hour in a 200 C oven the results came out smelling great and looked almost as good as any cinnamon rolls out in the shopping malls.

All I need now is an excuse to indulge in some hot chocolate and sinful butter melting on top of some warm rolls. Breakfast is going to be delightful. Mmm.


Cindy said...

Yum! I just tried that no-knead bread recipe for the first time recently and was really impressed... should have a post of it up by the end of the day. :-)

SteamyKitchen said...

great job on your bread!