cherry pie

I needed to use up the last bit of morello cherries which I already used a little over half of the jar so far. For the last round of my cherry run, I decided to go a bit more traditional and classic and made an all American cherry pie!

I would have liked to use fresh cherries for this but morello works really well too as you get that tarty sweetness too. The shortcrust recipe is from this site. It came together quickly and easily even with just my hands and no KitchenAide or machine whatever. I let it chill overnight which definitely made a difference in rolling out the dough.

Once it finished baking, I dusted it with icing sugar and dug straight in while it was nice and hot! Yum! It feels like the 4th of July already! Except that it's cold and wintry here in Melbourne while sunny and perfect beach weather everywhere else.

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Cindy said...

Yum - this is a great idea! I've seen those huge jars of morello cherries at the supermarket.