I think it's getting just a tad bit strange and unorthodox that I think middle aged British men look hot to me.

I've been teased several times for my outspoken affection and affinity for Hugh Laurie and Jamie Oliver and now, I'm being smitten with potty mouthed Gordon Ramsay.

I'm getting addicted to 'Kitchen Nightmares' (both the US and original British version) just like I was with every of Jamie Oliver's shows in the past. Yeah, so maybe Ramsay just seems to be shouting and screaming at almost every person he encounters in the show episodes but still he does spout some sensible nonsense every now and then. Just watching Chef Ramsay bleeping and effing his way through the kitchen and tearing the restaurant apart is entertainment enough. But only he can do it in such a way that wearing a white chef's jacket can look both intimidating and irresistible at the same time while chopping up perfect 6 ounces fillets off a great big halibut.

I've been missing some Jamie love for a while now but just sifting through his cook books is enough to get me excited about trying new things and fresh ideas again. I've already got two of this books which make for excellent reading material and would love to get my hands on that Italian one as well in future. Love his style of cooking emphasizing always on freshness and simple ingredients to create wonderful meals that can please anyone. That boyish English cockney charm does rub off on you after a while after all, doesn't it, eh.

Alright, so my love for older chefs doesn't cover just the British since I've been a fan of Anthony Bourdain for as long as I can remember watching food and travel programs several years ago. Love his witty comebacks, quick one-liners, sarcasm and ironic humour that he unflinchingly displays and for not holding back what he loves and hates no matter what and who. I miss 'No Reservations' too.

Anyways, there will be new cakes and cookies coming up soon. I've been baking a slew of new ones and will post them up real soon.

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