strawberry fields forever

Getting straight down to business, it's all about luscious strawberries today. First up is a modified buckle recipe from Simply Recipes which I substituted the blueberries for strawberries. The texture of the cake didn't really look alike to the original one perhaps due to the strawberries being used giving it a different type of texture, albeit still tasting great.

The crumble topping was very good and addictive to eat so it was very dangerous to have around the house by your lonesome especially.

Next we have a strawberry bread with a strawberry glaze drizzled liberally on top after it's cooled down. I halved the original recipe and came out with a small loaf and a small pie sized cake. The batter became a shocking pinkish and redish colour when I added the crushed strawberries which brought that much needed sunshine to this cloudy Easter morning.

The glaze I made with some of the juices leftover and used about a half cup of the crushed strawberries mixed with about a cup of icing sugar or till you get the desired consistency you want. I decided to make it a little bit more liquid than usual and left some small chunks of the strawberries in there.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the results of these cake/bread/buckle and will make them again soon with some variations next time.

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