the three c's plus one

I was really excited about making the following cookies. It's been so long since I made a batch of cookies and these two recipes to follow were really tasty.

I love almost anything with carrot in it except chicken pot pie with carrot or any stew with carrot. I think I just like the dessert part of using carrot in them. So when I came across this carrot cake breakfast cookie from Cookie Madness, I knew I had to try them. I changed the ingredients slightly by using white chocolate chips and grated coconut and omitted the raisins and nuts. I don't think it was very healthy in the end when I made the changes but they still tasted fantastic!

One of my good friends told me she was craving for some chocolate chip cookies and so I decided to make some for her when I was to meet her soon. It's a wonderful chocolate chip oatmeal and coconut cookie which smelled and tasted even better. I think they actually improve the next day and keep pretty well too.

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