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After watching this week's episode of Top Chef, I am just spazzing myself over the irresistibly, adorable and hot pastry chef, Johnny Iuzzini.

This week's episode finally had the cheftestants creating desserts in the Quickfire Challenge for the delectable Johnny. Unfortunately there weren't too much variations from the usual chocolate cake, buttermilk cake, and traditional souffle and pavlova. Though, Richard's weird looking banana scallop dessert and Dale's halo-halo which looked too much like ais-kacang to me were the better of the bunch. And as much as I hate to say it, Richard won yet again for his odd take on bananas. Damn, he's the type of guy you just love to hate yet you can't stop rooting for him.

Even this chick is excited about Darling Johnny.

Where have you been all my life? Well, all my life since I got into dessert and pastry type cooking. Which makes it about two or three years now. In any case, immediately after the show, I googled the dude and found out that in addition to being the guest judge in this week's Top Chef episode, he was voted as New York City's Sexiest Chef and won numerous James Beard awards and the restaurant Jean-Georges that he works in was awarded the very prestigious three Michelin Stars. He is one of the best pastry chefs in the USA if not the world currently.

And how can one not love a guy with a huge ass tatt on his biceps/triceps? And that cheeky looking smile and grin. I will be awaiting for your new pastry cook book; Dessert Four Play with anticipation. Or if someone is willing to sponsor me that book that would be fantastic too.

I'm thinking of doing like a weekly recap of each Top Chef episode. I mean I know there are many blogs out there which do that already but it's the thought and words that count, right.

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