caked out

These slew of cakes were baked for a farewell occasion for a friend and I brought along two varieties of coffee cakes; apple and banana fillings in each, and a chocolate chip sour cream cake. The coffee cake was from a previous time that I had made before and thought deserved a repeat performance.

The chocolate chip cake turned out wonderfully except that I think I should have used three instead of only two pie pans which lead to the overflowing disaster of the year where the cake sort of gravitated towards the back of the oven and began overflowing onto the baking tray quite a bit. After I took out the tray, and while still hot, I tried to carefully remove the excess spillage of cake which resulted in some half-eaten appearance at the edges. The peeled off cake pieces was actually quite tasty and crunchy because they were somehow more baked than the cake itself so they became my snack. Yum for me! The cake turned out quite well anyway and was really good too.

The coffee cakes were delish as usual and I used banana for one of them this time. Easy breezy to put together and even easier to eat.

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