the ubiquitous fried rice

After two long weeks of assignments, case studies, mid semester tests, and tutorials to slog through, it's good to just relax and take some time to chill for the night.

I haven't been cooking much if not at all for the past few days as my house-mate was kind enough to offer to cook for the previous few days.

Today was sort of the final stretch of this crazy week of sleep deprivation and lots of coffee consumption along the way.

Arrived home today to find myself unwilling and too lazy to rustle up a good meal. Fortunately there was leftover rice from yesterday's dinner and so fried rice it was for dinner.

There's a slew of variations and versions of the ubiquitous fried rice which has been tweaked and changed and modified over the years that everyone has their own favourite version and taste of fried rice.

It's basically a fail-safe all-in-one meal that easily satisfies and satiates you when you're pressed for time and have limited resources on hand.

I really feel silly putting up a recipe for fried rice because it's one of the easiest dish that a student on a budget can make. This applies for everyone ranging from homemakers, corporate lemmings, the starving clubber,and anyone else with basic knowledge of heating up a pan with oil and adding some ingredients and leftover rice to the pan to create an instant dish. You don't need instant fried rice powder or anything of that sort. Some salt, pepper, soy sauce, and you're good to go.

Tonight I had some thinly sliced pork marinated with a dash of teriyaki sauce and whole grain mustard and tossed with cabbage, celery and onion before finally adding the essential ingredient to any fried rice that is egg.

The chocolate brownie was doggy bagged from this little nook of a cafe along A'Beckett and Elizabeth Street called Workshop. If it weren't for my friend leading the way I would have definitely missed out on this little hidden gem of a coffee place. I thoroughly enjoyed the brownie and $2 coffee. Do make your way there if ever you are in the city. I didn't have my camera on me so I couldn't snap some shots of the place but it gives off a very relaxing vibe and jazzy slash reggae style background music where you can just chill and while away your time with cheap coffee. That is until the place turns into a bar after 6. Cool artwork splay the walls, comfy sofa, high ceilings, and great vibe. What could make a better coffee chill place?

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