everyday snappy meals

Hey all, haven't been updating much I know but I've been busy with tests, assignments and all the in betweens. Didn't really have much time to spend on cooking anything special or interesting to say the least but I took a couple of photos to show the type of everyday food I eat for dinner most days.

A typical one-meal dish consisting of stir fried beef marinated for about 5 hours in thick black soy sauce, light soy sauce, salt, pepper, and crushed ginger. I just threw in a handful of baby bok choy into the stir fry towards the end of the cooking time of the beef for a bit of healthy greens in my diet and variety as well. Mound your plate with steamed Jasmine rice and top it off with the stir fry and you've got yourself a pretty decent and hefty meal for one hungry girl.

Looks quite a lot eh, and it was. Was pretty stuffed when I polished it off.

Another simple meal to dish up if you're pressed for time is pan fried sole fish sprinkled with a dash of salt, black and white pepper, and black pepper corns, accompanied with a some leafy greens as well which was stir fried with soy sauce, sesame oil, and fried onions for that added bit of fragrance.

Yeah stir fries are really very common in this household considering we're all growing and starving college kids and really couldn't be bothered with things like curries or braises. Sambal or chili paste are kind of a staple for me as well during dinner times simply because I just love all things spicy and sweet. I usually eat this with my main dishes and used in fried rice as well. This specific 'sambal ulek terasi' isn't sweet but it sure is spicy and HOT.

Next up, possibly a little insight into what I usually have brown bag for my lunches.

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