Cookies. Chocolate chip cookies, specifically. Could there be anything more comforting, homely, sinful, and humbly delicious all at the same time?

I went over to my friend's apartment where we decided upon baking up a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies. Thankfully the recipe I had called for chewy chocolate chip cookies instead of the traditional ones as those were the ones she wanted to bake.

The original recipe that we used was from Baking Bites so hop on over there now for the best chewy chocolate chip recipe (in my opinion) and for other scrumptious recipes as well. It's all in the extra yolk added into the cookie dough to give it that extra chewy bite. Though I forgot to melt the butter first which would have made it a lot easier to cream together with the sugar.

I think we were too greedy and impatient so we went full on and tried to cram all the dough into two baking trays which we thought looked alright and spread out evenly. However, I think maybe we might have accidentally added a tad bit too much baking soda and the cookies started to rise and spread the minute we popped them in the oven. A lot.

The top tray of cookies came out pretty alright but the bottom one had some problems baking well and we almost left them in the oven longer than they should be. Basically they all got stuck together at the sides and we had to scrape them out carefully without totally obliterating them into tiny morsels of chewy and crispy goodness.

Luckily they came out alright in the end and we happily helped ourselves to bites after bites of the guilt-ridden goodies fresh and warm out the oven. The chocolate chips were a bit oozy and soft and the center of the cookie was soft while the outer edges were crumbly and crispy.

Sounds (and tastes) like the perfect cookie to me.

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