it's a banana nice day for scones

Forgive the absolutely horrid pun and title there. I think it must be the slight high that I'm experiencing from the banana scones I scarfed down just an hour ago where I freshly mixed and baked them so quickly you wouldn't believe.

The recipes are courtesies of Molly from Orangette and Everybody Likes Sandwiches's blogs. I followed the recipe to a T and they came out beautifully albeit while kneading them they turned out a bit stickier than I expected. I was slightly agitated and worried that they would not turn out right due to a past and very bad experience with scones before. It could be because I added a banana into the mix which resulted in it being a tad stickier and harder to work with but after a slight adjustment by adding a tablespoon of flour while kneading, that made it more workable to form them into drops instead of the triangles that the recipe called for.

Nevertheless, they still turned out perfectly as perfect I can expect to be and smelling so delicious that I just had to pop one into my mouth once they came out of the oven. That's why you only see nine scones instead of ten in the picture. They didn't burst with a lot of banana flavour as I only used one but you can definitely see some specks of yellowish in them. They were really soft, with a flavourful texture and golden crispiness on top.

I'm definitely going to be making another batch of these again but with varying flavours like strawberries, apples, and chocolate chips among others. Every morning should start with a delicious tray of freshly baked scones!

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