Sometimes you just get into certain moods to try different things once in a while. So this was when I decided to make porridge using arborio rice, which is usually used for risotto and baking brownies in a muffin pan.

Both came out equally delicious and comforting. The porridge/risotto combo was cooked in the initial stage alike to browning the rice first and then adding the stock till the rice became a thick and lovely consistency. I just upped the liquid contents by about a cup more and simmered for an additional ten to twenty minutes according to how you like your rice "mushiness" to be. I used chunks of fish fillets and diced vegetables for this Chinese styled porridge using an Italian ingredient as its base.

The other hybrid isn't really a hybrid per se but just looks like one. It's a blondies or brownies recipe from Smitten Kitchen and it was the easiest and simplest recipe you could ever want and try. Mixed in one big bowl and spoon the batter onto a cake pan or if you're like me, you can use a muffin pan which will yield the same brownie goodness either way. The aroma emanating from the oven midway through was too torturous for me to not want to try one of these babies.

I only decided to use the muffin tray instead of a baking dish because I just recently got it and needed to break into it and also for the occasion that it's a friend's birthday today and I wanted to bake her something chocolatey and sinfully good instead of the traditional cake. I hope she likes the additions of roasted slivered almonds and luscious Cadbury dark chocolate chips which I used in this recipe.

There's a barbecue coming up so I might double the recipe and use chipped Lindt chocolate and roasted chopped walnuts. Everyone loves a good brownie including myself!

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